Guided Meditations, Classes & Talks

Just a few offerings for you to enjoy, including guided meditations & guided movement practices for womb wellness & hormonal health, and talks on Ayurveda & women's health across the seasons of life 

Pleasure and Peace Meditation

Join me for guided meditation to orient towards pleasure and peace through your 5 senses

Frequently Asked Questions


Ayurvedic Health & Embodied Living Free Introductory Discovery Session

Schedule a FREE 20 minute discovery call to discuss your health and wellness goals, your questions and get to know each other a little at

Workshops/ Retreats & Personalized Ayurvedic Health & Embodied Living Coaching

Practicing Ayurveda and deeper embodiment is life changing and it often involves lifestyle changes. There are some general principles from Ayurveda that we can all benefit from AND the art and science of Ayurveda is rooted in the understanding that we are all unique beings with unique mind/body constitution. 

The ancient medicine of Ayurveda not only helps us identify the root causes of our imbalances, but it reminds us of the power of living in rhythm with Mother Nature and with our own natural biorhythms. Ayurveda supports us in making simple yet profound changes to get back in the flow with our natural state. 

We all have varying health needs and wellness goals, gifts and strengths, which can change depending on our stage of life, root causes of our specific health issues, our lifestyles, daily habits, diets, current conditions and family and ancestral history. 

An Ayurvedic Health Consultant/Practitioner can be very supportive and sometimes essential as we embark on this deeper path of wellness and embodied living. It's also so essential to build community as we set out on our paths towards more radiant and balanced health and prioritize our womb wellness, hormonal health and overall mind-body vitality.  

I am truly honored to provide my clients, possibly you, with support on this path. I'm also committed to supporting and building communities of women to support each other on this  journey of deeper health and more balanced living. 

If you are experiencing hormonal or digestive imbalances, feeling exhausted and overwhelmed by the demands of life and the "do-it-all" mentality us women are too often subject too (and we subject ourselves too), you crave deeper connection with your body and all of its intelligence, wisdom, sensuality, energy and creativity, I'm here to support you as you discover a sustainable and nourishing path of health, wellness and self-love. 

In my one-on-one sessions and community workshops and online resources you'll learn:

Wisdom rooted in ancient medicine for womb-wellness, hormonal health, nutrition and deep nourishment that's now backed by modern science

Life changing self-care practices through big transitions like post-partum, perimenopause, and menopause that cultivate more balance, embodiment, and a deeper and loving connection with ourselves 

Embodiment practices and nutritional support that support longevity, radiance and health throughout all stages of life 

Simple seasonal recipes, herbs and spices tailored to your specific constitution and needs

Somatic movement and meditation practices to support you with listening to your body and attuning to its innate intelligence, natural sensuality, intuition and healing capacity


Tools and strategies for staying motivated, curious and compassionate as you make certain lifestyle and habit changes that support your vitality, ease, energy and a sense of balance and inspiration 

Specific movement practices and nutritional information to support with rites of passage and transitions such as pregnancy, postpartum, motherhood, peri-menopause, menopause and beyond

and more! 

I also announce community workshops and resources on my monthly Newsletter so please feel free to sign up!  And to receive weekly self-care motivation & share your wisdom and questions join the somasister facebook community 

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Is Ayurveda and womb wellness is right for you?

If you answer YES to any of the following questions than you know Ayurvedic Nutrition and Embodiment coaching will enhance your health, wellness, and your life:

Do you want to have a deeper understanding of your rhythms, hormones and cycles as a woman, and honor these cycles?

Do you want to feel empowered about your nutritional and dietary choices and know more about what foods, spices, and herbs are best for your body at certain times of your life?

Do you want. to attune to and express your innate creativity?

Do you want to connect more deeply and lovingly to your body?

Do you want to fine tune your ability to listen to the wisdom and needs of your body?

Do you want to have a healthier relationship with food?

Do you want to make self-care more of a priority so that you can thrive physically, mentally and emotionally?

Do you want to connect with the earth more deeply and feel inspired by that connection?

Do you want to feel encouraged, supported and informed about Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle practices? 

Do you want to feel more calm and less stressed?

Do you want to get better sleep and wake up feeling alive and ready for your day?

Do you want to feel inspired, sensual and grounded in your essence?

How do would you know if we're the right match?


This is of course a very personal decision and depends on your specific needs and interests. During our 20 minute call please feel to ask me questions about my background with Ayurveda and embodiment, and ask any additional questions that might help give you a better understanding of how I can support you on your personal healing and wellness journey. 

You can also inquire about how we would go about designing a personalized program to meet your specific health needs and aspirations. 

This call will also give you a feeling for me and an idea of how it would feel to share information about your lifestyle and habits, diet and health background, and other details about you in order to support you. 

Also, please feel free to read my blog posts and videos on social media to get a general sense of my areas of interests, expertise and perspective relating to womb wellness, hormonal health, deeper embodiment and overall wellness.  

I also announce seasonal workshops, classes and resources on my "Resources/Events/Workshops" page. I'd love for you to participate in these nourishing and inspiring opportunities for women to come together across all stages of life and share our wisdom, knowledge, and questions, about enhancing our lives through the ancient teachings of Ayurveda and embodied living.   

What are my qualifications: 

I received my training in Ayurveda from the world renowned Ayurvedic Healer and Teacher Mother Maya Tiwari and her school, the Wise Earth School of Ayurveda.  I have also studied with and mentored with other amazing Teachers such as Dr. Claudia Welch and Mary Thompson.

I continually participate in professional development with other Ayurvedic Practitioners and Healers to enhance my knowledge and practice. I also draw on my practice and background in Somatic Movement Education and Embodiment.

I have supported many many women over the years on their path towards greater health, vitality, hormonal balance and deeper connection with their wombs

What do I mean by "Embodied Living"? 


What this means is that I incorporate specific tools from from the field of somatic  movement, as well as yoga, designed to enhance deeper embodiment and encourage more awareness, presence and empowered choices around our womb wellness and overall physical, emotional and spiritual health as women. 

These tools can be applied to our everyday lives in very empowering and meaningful ways. They enhance our awareness of our feelings, sensations, and subjective experience, and a deeper connection with ourselves. These embodiment practices can be applied to how we move, breathe, the way we eat, dance, connect with nature, relate to ourselves, our family and our community, etc... 

What kinds of services and packages do I offer?


We begin with an initial consultation to discuss your and assess your health needs and wellness aspirations. 

After our initial consultation, you have a few options. I encourage everyone to commit to at least 3 months to get the most out of Ayurvedic health and embodiment support. But I offer several packages to make our time together accessible for you and in a way that meets the needs of your work/life/family schedule, AND that will lead to a successful outcome for you